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How did Engineering Begin? (Part 2- Medieval Scientific Culture)

The next big cure or how better to fight cancer? These are today’s challenges, but what about back in the 11th & 12th Centuries?

TalentHunt 360’s founder and CEO Gurmeet Bambrah, PhD gives you an idea about science, mathematics and their roots in England to Italy.

“Antecedents to scientific thought4 are found in 11th and 12th centuries when ideas of ancient Greek philosophers were wed into a new body of living beliefs. These are also encountered in Arabic science and mathematics that found their way to Oxford in England and to Padua in Italy by the 12th century. Scientific discovery derived from a systematic approach to the physical sciences that combined with practical applications of science led to modern engineering. Galileo’s Two New Sciences describes the scientific approach to practical problems. This is regarded as a landmark of the beginning of structural analysis, mathematical representation and design of building structures by many historians of modern engineering.”

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How Did Engineering Begin (Part 1- Global Engineering Cultures)



Have you ever thought of how a building was built, a bridge rose high, a tunnel dug deep?

These are marvels that you may have discovered through the eyes of documentaries, but let’s go deeper.

TalentHunt 360’s founder and CEO Gurmeet Bambrah, PhD takes you back in time for these ancients culture of monuments.

“Many great engineering achievements date back to ancient times. Examples of these include the wheel between 4000 and 2000 BC and the Pyramids, constructed in Egypt during 2800-2400 BC; The Great Wall of China constructed around 200 BC; Roman cities that included aqueducts, bridges and dams2 and Indian irrigation practiced as early as the 500 BC3. Though monumental even by today’s standards large–scale replication of these across time and space remained unachievable.”

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