Twenty First Century Engineering- The Mega and Nano Cultures by Gurmeet Bambrah

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Five years ago, according to Charles M. Vest18 President Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology there were two frontiers of engineering, each of which had to do with scale and each of which was associated with increasing complexity. One frontier had to do with larger and larger systems of great complexity and, generally, of great importance to society. This was the world of energy, environment, food, manufacturing, product development, logistics, and communications. This frontier was addressing some of the most daunting challenges facing humanity. Consequently many today believe in the need to develop and place mega-systems engineering at the center of engineering education in the decades ahead.

The other frontier had to do with smaller and smaller spatial scales and faster and faster time scales, the world of so-called bio/nano/info. This was mainly due to the information revolution that resulted from the advent of the personal computer and internet ushering in a period of great change. This frontier melding physical, life, and information sciences, offers stunning, unexplored possibilities, and natural forces of this frontier compel students to work across traditional disciplinary boundaries. As Biologists and neuroscientists have discovered the immense complexity of even the simplest living systems, engineers are becoming indispensable to research in life sciences. The language in the life sciences today is about circuits, networks, and pathways while engineers investigate advanced molecular self-assembly.Out of this world will come products and processes that will drive a new round of entrepreneurship.

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Gurmeet Bambrah, is the founder of TalentHunt360

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